EC sends a letter to the Police Commissioner Of Delhi: What seems to be a scam is now a hashtag on twitter #KejriwalMakingFakeCalls

February 11, 2019 —

CM Arvind Kejriwal & Aam Aadmi Party has been hit by yet another scam. Many people are calling it a marketing gimmick in the election time. This time it’s not about any rigged Electronic Voting Machines(EVMs). Also, it is not about any criminal conspiracy or corruption scandal that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal wants to bust.

Since the onset of the election time in India, a large number of people in Delhi have been receiving scam calls. The callers claim to be a member of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Further, they are telling people that their names have been deleted from the voter list by the BJP. They also go out to say that the total no. of deleted names totals to around 30 lakh. The concerned authorities are investigating the matter.

Voice Recording Shared ByBhartiya Janata Party

The official twitter handle of BJP shared a voice recording which has been making rounds over the internet.

Response Of Election Commission To The Scam Calls

The people have shared their dissent widely over social media. In response to the huge complaints, the Election Commission Of India has written to the Commissioner Of Delhi Police to investigate this matter.

EC sends a letter to the Police Commissioner Of Delhi- What seems to be a scam is now a hashtag on twitter #KejriwalMakingFakeCalls 1

In response to this, the Election Commission has issued a notice to the public. The notice states that there is no authority other than the concerned official in the Election Commission that can delete or add any name in the electoral list.

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Many other people have shared their experiences about such scam calls.

A large no. of people have shared their communications with the scammers on twitter. Some others have shared stories of family members been scammed. A few people seem to be tired of these political games in the Election Time.


Slowly, the hashtag  became a trend on Indian Twitter.

Whoever is behind all this is spamming common people and they are getting tired of these political gimmicks before elections. The complaints have reached the concerned authorities. We hope the pre-election phase will not be used to waste the time of the hardworking Indians.


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