Illegal mining rampant in Karnataka, impossible without CM’s support, says Siddaramaiah

Illegal mining is rampant in Karnataka and it is impossible to carry out without the support of Karnataka Chief Minister, says Siddaramaiah in a tweet

In a thread of tweets, Yediyurappa slammed Karnataka Chief Minister saying that the government should take strict action against all those who are involved in illegal mining.

“Illegal mining is rampant in the State flouting all the rules of Mines and Geology Department. It is impossible to carry out illegal mining without the support of Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa,” Siddaramaiah tweeted.

“Karnataka CM has said that illegal mining can be made legal by submitting an application form. Does this mean illegal mining done till now is not an offence? Can anything illegal be made legal with just an application? Is this a responsible statement made by BS Yediyurappa?” Siddaramaiah added.

BS Yediyurappa has assumed that legalising illegal mining is like regularising houses and land, said Siddaramaiah adding that he would not have made such an irresponsible statement if he had some knowledge about the law.

“The government should take strict action against all those who are involved in illegal mining, irrespective of party affiliation. Karnataka CM should not be influenced by anyone in taking action,” Siddaramaiah tweeted.

“MLC Ayanur Manjunath has claimed that there are more than 100 illegal mining sites in Shivamogga. Who is responsible for illegal mining on such a large scale in the home district of Karnataka CM only?” he added.

“It seems KS Eshwarappa had instructed officers in a KDP meeting to turn blind eye to illegal mining activities. Will Eshwarappa take responsibility for the blast that killed many innocent people? Or will the officers take the responsibility?” Siddaramaiah said in another tweet.

Illegal mining is a serious issue and it has already taken the lives of many innocent people, said Siddaramaiah. “I strongly demand an enquiry by a sitting High Court judge,” Siddaramaiah added.

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