MP Dharmapuri Arvind-Don’t allocate more land to MHIPL for illegal mining

MP Dharmapuri Arvind said that My Home Industries Private Limited should not be allocated more land for mining in both the states.

“About 3,000 acres of their mining area is illegal. The central government has already issued notice against the My Home Industries Pvt. Ltd thrice in the months of August, September and October, but both the Telugu speaking states have not responded to this. Since 2017, MHIPL does not even have environmental clearance to mine in Nalgonda district of Telangana.

But now, the state government is contemplating on giving additional 630 acres of land to My Home industries to mine,” Arvind told on Friday. He further said that he had urged Chief Secretary of the State Somesh Kumar to look into this matter.

“I have also requested Somesh Kumar to look into the matter and not to provide any more land to the group for mine as they do not even have environmental clearance,” Arvind said.

The BJP MP on Friday met Somesh Kumar and raised his concern over the several issues including asking him to write a proposal in favour of turmeric farmers and bring central farmer schemes into the state.

MP Dharmapuri Arvind-Don't allocate more land to MHIPL for illegal mining - Digpu
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“I have requested Somesh Kumar to submit a proposal in favour of turmeric farmers of Nizamabad district under Market Intervention Scheme. I have requested him to submit the proposal to Central government as it is also ready to help the turmeric farmers.” he said.

After the visit of Tarun Chugh National General Secretary of BJP, to Nizamabad district, Arvind said that the state government must submit a proposal for Rs 10,000 per quintal of turmeric produce and the Central government would transfer their share of funds to the farmers as per the Market Intervention Scheme. So this shows that the central government is ready to help the farmers of the district.”

“The Modi government has already set up an establishment in Nizamabad by providing with Spices Board Regional Office cum Extension Centre. They have provided trade infrastructure under the exports scheme and have made Nizamabad and Jagityal as Tumeric export clusters. The Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar has written a letter to every farmer of the country on December 17 stating that a budget of Rs. 1 lakh crore have been allocated to develop the required infrastructure for the agricultural sector in the village levels.

Apart from this the government as already banned the import of turmeric and has started export and Nizamabad alone has exported four trainloads of turmeric to Bangladesh thus making Nizamabad a hub for turmeric export,” Arvind said.

“So, I have requested him to write a proposal to the Central Government to use these schemes and money for the development of state agricultural sector,” he concluded.

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