Pakistan Minister proposes Noble Peace Prize For PM Imran Khan; Twitter laughs wholeheartedly at the joke

In a hilarious and most unexpected move by Pakistan, Pakistani citizens have filed an online petition with over 2,00,000 signatures to raise their demand for Noble Peace Prize to their Prime Minister.

New Delhi, India, March 02, 2019 —

The Ministry Of Information And Broadcasting has proposed a Noble Peace Prize to the Pakistani Prime Minister, so much so that whole of Twitter is laughing and trolling Pakistan on the hashtag #NoblePeacePrizeForImranKhan.

The Official Statement of the Minister Of Information And Broadcasting is doing rounds on the internet.

However, Some Pakistanis slammed the demand and called it “delusional” as the country is currently suffering from several economic and administrative issues.

Indians have also expressed distaste over this development from the Pakistani Minister.

This comes just after the dramatic and unruly delay in the release of IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

It is noteworthy that Pakistan, the home to perpetrators of the Pulwama Attack has been doing all tactics and mockery to resolve its self-designed misery.

Pakistan wanted to earn brownie points on the International stage by declaring the release of Abhinandan as a peace gesture however Indian Government has laid the true face of Pakistan bare before all.

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