Trump states COVID-19 as ‘artificial horrible situation’, mentions US will never forget what China did

Trump states COVID-19 as 'artificial horrible situation', mentions US will never forget what China did

US President Donald Trump during a rally hit out at China for sending ‘the plague’ (COVID-19) including that the United States would “always remember” what “they” did to the nation.

“What’s happening to China, nobody has ever seen that..nobody ever thought that it was possible. We have done so much better than them until they sent us the plague. We are coming back from the plague and we could have lost 2.2 million people or more (due to COVID-19), we lost over 200,000 people.

We shouldn’t have lost a person. What they have done to us, we shall never forget,” Trump said at a rally. Trump later said that the US had the ‘greatest economy ever’ before the COVID-19 outbreak hit the country further. He also termed the virus “as an artificial horrible situation”.

“We were meeting up – what planned to unite our nation was a triumph, it was going on until that fake and unpleasant circumstance came in, it was occurring more than ever,” Trump included.

Trump, as in the entirety of his assemblies, assaulted his vote based partner Joe Biden for supporting China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization calling it “the single most noticeably awful arrangement we have ever constructed.” “China was flattening until that occurred and afterward they turned into a rocket transport. They are viewed as an agricultural country and I said in the event that they are an agricultural country, we are as well,” he included.

Coronavirus cases in the United States have penetrated the 8,000,000 cases mark, as per the most recent update from Johns Hopkins University on Friday. According to the most recent update, the complete cases in the nation currently remain at 8,008,402 with 218,097 – which is additionally the most elevated number of deaths in the world.

The number of patients recovered from the disease stand at 3,177,397, reported Johns Hopkins University. The US continues to be the worst-affected country in the world from COVID-19.

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