PR News Guidelines

Digpu News Network provides guaranteed publications on your preferred news channels from within our exclusive associations. You can check all our news channels associations at

The PR News is distributed in English, Hindi and 10 regional languages of India. The Press Release content approval and distribution over Digpu News Network are subject to adherence to our editorial guidelines. 

PR News Word Length and Feature Image

  • For Domestic PR Distribution, the standard word length for the Press Release is 700 words. Above this, every 100 words are chargeable separately. 
  • For International PR Distribution, the standard word length for the Press Release is 700 words. Above this, every 100 words are chargeable separately. 
  • One high-quality feature image (size 1200 × 628) relevant to the content is complementary to the publication.

Press Release Content Guidelines:

  • The Press Releases will only be about showcasing the individual’s/company’s achievements, services, products, USPs, etc. 
  • The Press Release can be from an individual who is a well-informed person or a subject-matter expert and can add value and information via his/her article. 
  • In addition to this, the Press Releases can be about topics of social and national interest.
  • All our news channel partners have their respective content guidelines, such as the maximum length of headlines, the total number of links incorporated in the content, etc. In case, any PR content to be published on these news channels doesn’t adhere to their guidelines, Digpu has the authority to revise the content without distorting the core idea of the Press Release.
  • In any case, the final discretion in the publication of content lies with Digpu News. Nevertheless, we will always share the final content with the client before publication.

PR News Content Redistribution:

The Press Release content published via Digpu News Network for a client/company/brand can’t be redistributed without prior permission. Any such redistribution will tantamount to legal action. 

Terms Of Content Publication:

Digpu News Network will not publish any article which may be defamatory, offensive,
obscene, pornographic, abusive, hurtful, incites violence or is personal in nature or
constitutes sensitive information that forms a part of the national security. Digpu News Network will not distribute the following content:

1. Content To Harm, Criticise Or Incite Violence –

  • We never publish PRs or news articles promoting political interest or criticism and any content/article/Press Release against the national interest and harmony. 
  • No content created for criticism or maligning the image of a person/organisation will be published.

2. Content Promoting Fake Or Illegal Entities –

  • No content promoting sale or branding of fake or illegal product/service/brand will be published.
  • In case the content/company/individual is found to be promoting fake or illegal things, Digpu is authorised to get the PR removed from all media sources. In such a case, the individual/ company will be subjected to legal action.

All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of New Delhi, India.