Amtan by Dr Tanya achieves overwhelming success overseas

Dr Tanya is a popular cosmetic brand with imaginative products and unique skincare devices.

Every act of migration, for the sheer courage, adventurous spirit and tolerance, is heroic. Migrants are valiant fighters who step onto unknown territory and make it their own. In this struggle, many may falter. But there are others who, much like the migratory Bar-headed goose, fly high above the mighty Himalayas with hardly any oxygen, dazzle, conquer, and go places. Come high winds, rain or snow, these birds have set their eyes on the destination and there is no stopping them.

Similarly, navigating time zones and life experiences, Dr Tanya Unni from India has anchored herself in Australia. In less than a decade of immigration, Dr Tanya has become a formidable name in the Australian medical business and cosmetic industry. The recent ‘Business Woman of the Year’ award at the prestigious India Australia Business and Community Awards was another addition to her feathery cap.

“I arrived in Gold Coast around ten years ago, with nothing much but a medical degree and oodles of self-confidence. Today, I am the Founder Director of Amtan Medical, which is recognized as one of the largest privately-owned medical chains on the Gold Coast”, reminisces Dr Tanya. Her passion for dermatology led to the establishment of Skin Lab & Beauty Clinics, where beauty enhancement techniques and advanced medical technology converge. She has also founded Australian Skin Life, which innovates and develops cosmetic products. ‘Dr Tanya’ is a popular cosmetic brand with imaginative products and unique skincare devices. She is also the Director of various Cardiology centres and radiology centres.

For more than a decade, Dr Tanya has invested in fostering the growth of dedicated health care services to the communities of the Gold Coast, whilst further expanding specialist services. This steadfastness and thoughtful nature mirrored in her response to the unprecedented pandemic situation caused by Covid 19. Dr Tanya proudly says thatAmtan Medical undertook several successfully implemented initiatives like

  • 24/7 feedback line to address community concerns and questions.
  • Permanent 24/7 Tele-health service
  • Drive-through corona testing centres
  • To protect pregnant women from exposure to infection and ensure continued support, a combined GP and Midwife care was launched. This was the first such initiative in Australia.
  • Provided free consultations and assistance to overseas students who were impacted by the virus and were unable to return to their country of origin.
Amtan by Dr Tanya achieves overwhelming success overseas - Digpu News

“I was also able to disseminate timely information about the pandemic spread and the ensuing crisis to the general public via live interviews and Podcasts through a special live chat program called ‘Dr Tanya’s Health Hive’. I believe passing on information to the public, alleviating their fears and empowering them is extremely important,” says Dr Tanya.

Dr Tanya has been honoured with several awards like the 2020 ‘Ausmumpreneur’ award, ‘Iconic Woman Award’ by Women Economic Forum in 2020 and the 2020 ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ award from the Indian Achievers Forum. In 2019, Tanya received the ‘Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Health and Medicine’. She also bagged ‘Global Entrepreneur’ Award instituted by the Indo American Press Club, Houston, USA. The same year, she was presented with the ‘Gold Coast Business Excellence Award’. In 2018, Dr Tanya was ranked 18th among the ‘Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs’ in Australia. In 2019, she was adjudged 16th among the ‘Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs’ in Australia.

“Life has been good to me and I truly believe in returning the goodness” states this doctor who hails from Kerala. As part of her programme for mentoring aspiring women entrepreneurs, she initiated a project called Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (E.W.E), to support underprivileged girls in Kerala.  Dr Tanya also serves as a motivational speaker and has been giving speeches in Universities, workshops, seminars, public forums etc. She is also a columnist and a vlogger.

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