Brevistay – Building The Micro-stays Market In India

Team Brevistay, a hospitality start-up

January 23, 2020, New Delhi, India–

By-the-hour hotel rooms aren’t just a novel concept anymore! Brevistay, a hospitality start-up, believes that it is vital that you make your free hours count. It is the first to introduce the first to empower the concept of micro-stay and takes on a refreshing approach to hospitality. Bringing flexibility into the hotel is just the beginning; is warming up the idea of micro stay and is striving towards revolutionizing a new way to hotel metrics. Starting with just five cities to make it happen, they have expanded its presence with 1000 hotels to 30 major cities in India, and with the mind-boggling record of 1, 25,000 bookings made till now.

Why pay for overnight hotel stays when you need a room for only a few hours or even for an hour? It’s an idea that is likely to appeal to many customers. With Brevistay, you have the benefit of paying only what you need and what you use with a flexible block of hours on hotel booking. You pay as per the use based on the number of hours with hassle-free check-in.

You can now unlock your schedule, decide your check-in time and book just the way you want at your fingertips without worrying about the fortune.

Brevistay - Building The Micro-stays Market In India
Team Brevistay, a hospitality start-up

Did we hear you say Half-Day Hotel? Indeed.

Are you in search of a half-day hotel room to bridge the gap between checkout and takeoff, relax and get over with the barbaric jet lag, confined seats, raucous hotel rooms and pump up your productivity? Don’t worry! Early check-in or last-minute bookings are not an issue anymore with

Offering the experience to sneak a few short hours to repose, rejuvenate, and contemplate at a hotel, the ‘micro stay’ is undeniably your new BFF. Bookable for those tiny time-slots, micro stays are the dens of relaxation and rejuvenation. There’s no more leaving your luggage at reception or counting down the hours. You can now wait or rest, work or disconnect, read or discover, eat or sleep, create or contemplate, think or innovate.

Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna. Brevistay is changing the rules of hospitality by bringing flexibility not only for travelers, millennial, businessmen, but also offers intuitive, convenient, and affordable options for unmarried couples.

Brevistay micro stays are anything and everything you want them to be.

Revolutionizing the concept of Micro stay in India, Brevistay is an answer to a cost-effective way of adding comfort and addresses the issue of overpaying for a short stay effectively by offering hospitality services for a few hours. It offers a unique blend of flexibility, adaptability, and affordability. They not only make sure you have access to a reliable and secure space but also add to your comfort and satisfaction at every step.

Brevistay Microstay offers a new way to book hotels.

Favoring flexibility is a necessity of today’s fast-paced society, where every minute can matter. Check-in/check-out flexibility could be the next frontier for hotels and is a unique way to personalize the guest’s stay, establish integrity, and gain incremental acquisitions.

Brevistay believes that this concept of micro-stay is here to stay, and it not only benefits travelers but also provides hotels a new business line. Hotels have a 60% vacancy in the day time and can make an additional income by reselling multiple times a day. Not only do the hotels have an option to decide their inventory open and close by date, but also by time. By tapping into a new customer segment, Brevistay is also helping the hotels to improve their profits by 150% and make it a win-win proposition for both travelers and hotels.

The stigma attached to booking the room for a few hours is reflected in our popular culture. According to Co-founder, and CxO’s of Brevistay – Prateek Singh, Shubham Agarwal, Avnish Kumar, Aditya Naithani, Nikhil Kumar Pathak. “In an age where flexibility is a key and people are traveling for business, the world of micro stay seems like a fresh and innovative approach. Even though the stigma associated with booking rooms by hours is extensive, Brevistay believes they are here to break the wall of this age-old tradition.”

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