CBI could not file any case in the Upendra Rai Case

CBI could not file any case in the Upendra Rai Case - Press Release - Digpu

A closure report was filed in the Upendra Rai Case after Mumbai-based complainant company White Lion Real Estate Developers withdrew its complaint.

In an interesting developement in the Upendra Rai Case, the complainant company has put in a complaint withdrawal request. White Lion Real Estate Developers, the complainant company passed a unanimous resolution in a board meeting. The complainant has informed CBI that the consultancy agreement between Upendra Rai and the company was signed on 3rd October, 2017 based on mutual consent.

The board further passed a unanimous resolution request withdrawal of the complaint and that no further action was required against Upendra Rai. Notably, the CBI has filed a closure report on the 27th July 2020 in connection with the second FIR to the special CBI court. The closure report by CBI stated that no involvement of any government employee was found during the entire investigation.

Sources reported that the complaint against senior journalist Upendra Rai was filed by Kapil Wadhawan and Dheeraj Wadhawan via the Director of White Lion Real Estate Developers Private Limited, a company of their group, under the pressure of the then CBI Director Alok Verma.

As per experts, CBI should not have filed this complaint but the then Director of CBI made sure the complaint was registered. After acknowledging all statements to the CBI, it is evident that no meeting ever happened between Upendra Rai and the complainants Balwinder Malhotra and Mehul Bavishi.

A striking scenario about the case is that no complaint was filed for a period of 8 months after signing the consultancy agreement. After 8 months from the date of the agreement, the complainant accused Upendra Rai of threatening and asking for money. Another strange aspect was that the CBI immediately registered an FIR in this case, which is a violation of the CBI Manual and CVC guidelines.

In compliance with the resolution passed by the board of White Lion Real Estate Developers Private Limited and the letter written to the CBI, it has now been decided that Upendra Rai will be given a clean chit in this whole episode. In fact, it is vital to mention that when the first FIR was filed by the CBI on 1st May 2018, they could not find any solid basis to run the case against Upendra Rai. 

The Government of India, on 6th December 2018, also refused to prosecute Upendra Rai regarding the FIR registered against him for the airport entry pass. Special CBI Judge Santosh Snehi Mann decided to abolish the charge of the PC Act on 17th December 2018, after no government official was found involved in the entire case.

Thereafter, in response to an RTI, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security had declared the airport entry pass issued to Upendra Rai completely valid and in response to the second RTI, the Special Branch of the Delhi Police had also cleared all his activities after which he was issued an airport entry pass. Upendra Rai had also received the necessary training for it. Summing up the whole scenario it is obvious now that the CBI has no solid ground against Upendra Rai to hold him against his will.

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