Divyanshu Dixit- A Young & Dynamic Entrepreneur

Divyanshu Dixit, founder – Rawage entertainment

January 9, 2020, New Delhi, India–

Young & Dynamic Entrepreneur Divyanshu Dixit is all set to Promote Indian music and singers with his Rawage entertainment network.

The Indian music industry is overwhelmed with numerous young gifted singers and with that rise of technology in the music world has reduced the work of music directors as voices get adjusted with new editing’s. So many top singers voices are not heard these days because of young ones and technology. 

There is one young talent who wants to promote genuine singers and unique voices who don’t want their songs edited. Yes, to work on such path in today’s time is not secure but Young Entrepreneur “Divyanshu Dixit” is all set to support talented and versatile singers with his company called “Rawage entertainment network”.

Divyanshu Dixit- A Young & Dynamic Entrepreneur
Divyanshu Dixit, founder – Rawage entertainment

Divyanshu is B-tech pass out student, coming from different fields and make a name in the music industry is not natural. Still, Divyanshu is taking a risk by listening to his heart as he is a big fan of Indian music and he wants to use his talent in this direction. 

Divyanshu’s dream is to take his company at the top by supporting right talent where all the original singers get the opportunity who are new and also singers who have sung in the past but not getting the second opportunity in the B-town. 

Divyanshu Dixit has already started working on his dream project “Rawage entertainment network” he has begun helping young singers by assisting them in collaborating with various top artist in India and abroad. He wants to see the Indian singer performs globally as western countries superstar singer and performers do. Well, that’s something massive thing to do but as we say where there is a will there is way in life.

Divyanshu loves to explore new places, travelling, and photography, with that he also likes to develop public relations. He feels it is necessary to develop good relations with people from various places it expand your reach and you can learn many new things.

It will be interesting to see how this young talent Divyanshu Dixit goes from here as he is fully confident that he will encourage and create opportunities for bright and talented singers of India with his “Rawage entertainment network.”

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