Dr Biprajit Parbat’s book ‘Doctor Integralist’s Prescription to healthy living’ is a journey of knowledge

The COVID-19 pandemic and its burden on humanity has impressed upon us the good old facts more boldly than ever – Health is wealth.

A complete lifestyle transformation is necessary to cope with the fast-changing world. We are modifying our world at a very fast pace. Our evolution remains almost same the way it was a hundred years back. These are spawning stress and diseases. Almost 70% of them are lifestyle related.

Rising trend of lifestyle diseases and threat of infection from a novel virus has made the statement clear – that healthy living should be the non-negotiable part of our daily life. We need better physical and mental health for higher immunity and more performance at personal and professional level.

As a medical professional – I found myself responsible to deliver the knowledge from the book of science in the simplest words. An integral approach to healthy living for all that can prevent diseases and save millions. People can apply these actionable intelligences that are mentioned in the book into their lives and get the best results of healthy living.

The book is titled ‘Doctor Integralist’s Prescription To Healthy Living.’ It is not a book as such, it is a prescription to healthy living for all.

The author Dr Biprajit Parbat discusses four factors of health that desperately needs upgradation in today’s world are food, exercise, sleep & stress management.

Q. How choice of foods & food habits plays an integral role in healthy living?

Food is not something which we use fill up our stomach. Our food is something our body use to supply necessary ingredients to build our body. We become our food. Foods that look good, smell good may not be a nutritious food in today’s world. That’s why knowing the natural food and developing the capacity to acknowledge which food we should it and which one we should avoid. The building block of our body should not be neglected.

Q. Why exercise is important for healthy living?

Our muscle needs minimum maintenance otherwise it will become weak. If our muscle s become weak, our joints become weak too. As our muscles support our joints. Minimum maintenance exercise is necessary. Apart from that exercise improves mood, motivation, blood circulation, metabolism – to name only few.

Q. How sleep plays an important role in prevention of diseases and healthy living?

Again, sleep is the most important part of our healthy life. Our body regenerates daily at night when we sleep. It prepares itself to the stress for the next day. Without proper sleep the body and brain suffer from daily regeneration. Long-term sleep deprivation is surely a way to the diseases and disabilities in the future.

Q. Why stress management is important and should be an integral part of healthy living?

The faster changing world is producing more stress than ever. We need physical and mental health strategies to manage these stress as we march forward. Chronic stress modifies our body’s hormonal and biological status in a way that is detrimental to our natural immunity, metabolism and overall wellbeing. The change will remain only constant in this world as we are seeking higher degree of innovation and growth to push the humanity forward. We should strategize our health to keep the strength of our natural evolution by our side as we move forward. Otherwise, our lifestyle can give rise to physical & mental diseases.

A person with poor health is unable to serve anyone with proper care, not even himself. Healthy living is the key to a successful life. And I give you the way – how to live it – in this book- “Doctor Integralist’s prescription to Healthy Living”. The book is currently available with all major online retailer. I wish you all a healthy and fulfilling journey of life ahead.

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