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Dr Sunita Kumar Peter will be featured in Passion Vista Magazine

Dr. Sunita Kumar Peter triumphs the title of ‘The Women Leaders to Look Up To in 2021’

If there is one thing, we were collectively thankful for during the lockdown, it was the OTT (over-the-top) platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime spoiling us with their choice of content. But it was the Malaysia-based Dr. Sunita Kumar Peter who took it upon herself to guide us to the best programs through her digital media platform – Letsott.

Unified Brainz will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of its international magazine – Passion Vista with most eminent personalities from the globe in its exclusive edition “The Women Leader to Look Up To in 2021” which will be launched on 24th April 2021. This mighty event will be witnessed by not only powerful personalities but also celebrities and leading visionaries from different walks of life.

Dr Sunita Kumar, Owner and Founder of LetsOTT

www.letsott.com is an entertainment news digital platform with a focus on providing crucial content and reliable reviews of all shows across all the digital streaming platforms. It was founded in January 2019 as a Twitter account and the website was launched in May 2019.

The timeline shows a definite foresight on part of Dr. Sunita who launched the platform just when the streaming platforms were gaining steam. With their meteoric rise in the last year especially due to the lockdown, Letsott has seen a fourfold increase in its subscriber base too.

So was the journey as quick and easy as it seems, we ask Dr. Sunita: “We made our share of mistakes. But without them, processes could never improve, products rarely enhanced. When something appears perfect from the start, we would never dare to rethink and reinvent. Where then would our creativity and need for innovation lead us? This is what I remind myself of in everything I do, professionally or in my personal life.”

It is hard to believe that the pretty mother of three could put even a step wrong. But she says it is her three daughters who drive her on her path. Dr Sunita reveals, “I’m always looking for a sense of balance in my life. Balance as a mother, friend, wife, my role at work, and with my own self. This usually comes down to time and the relationships that connect with others in those roles. My daughters have pushed me to be the best at everything I do because I want them to learn to plant their garden and I believe in teaching by leadership.”

Just as her mother before her had done. “As a child, my mother was a great inspiration to me, she made me understand that life may not be a bed of roses but that should not stop me from planting my garden,” says Dr. Sunita, adding that to keep the child in her alive, she always turns to her children.

She also credits her family for being her biggest strength. She tells us, “Although I was a successful entrepreneur before becoming a mother now, I have to say that my biggest strength is motherhood. It has enhanced my adaptability, ability to multitask, take risks and build relationships, my emotional intelligence, humility, and creativity. Sharpening these skills have helped me well in my professional life too.”

With full hands and a schedule to match the Queen’s, Dr. Sunita makes it a point to find some ‘me-time. She loves to read, sing, dance, bake, and sketch and is especially partial towards the arts, “My love affair with the beautiful world of creativity began as a child when I used to watch my mom design clothes and sew them in her free time.”

This creativity has been instrumental in establishing and constantly updating Letsott to stay ahead in the game. Now the platform plans to introduce many more interesting features over the next two years. Passion Vista recognized all her achievements and noteworthy contribution in the industry and hence, titled her with “The Women Leader to Look Up To in 2021”. To know more about the international brand check out www.passionvista.com or to nominate for upcoming projects email at [email protected]

So, what does it take Dr. Sunita to see her ideas to fruition? She tells us, “Language creates reality. The words we use hold great power over how we view ourselves and the environment around us. So, remember your core ambitions, don’t hesitate, focus on what’s right, and remember it’s okay to make a mistake. My personal mantra is: If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.”

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