Gaurang Doshi sets a record-breaking benchmark for Bollywood with Indo-China tie-Up

With his newly formed China tie-up, Gaurang Doshi aims to distribute his upcoming movies ‘Aankhen Returns’, ‘Happy Anniversary’ and ‘Indians in Danger‘ in China and more importantly bring a sigh of relief considering complexities relating to the release of Bollywood movies in China. His colossal efforts are set to ease the distribution of all his movies and are also a great avenue for the Indian Film industry as it opens easier routes for movie distribution in China bringing newer opportunities for several Indian film makers, when they jointly produce films with Gaurang Doshi Productions in China. It is indeed a marquee feat for Gaurang Doshi as he is now associated with Weijie Zhu, one of the largest and coveted distributors of China, who runs a listed company for distribution in the country.

Breaking records with his back to back plans for 2020, Gaurang Doshi has already announced several projects for the upcoming year with three films, one OTT platform, a premium stock image platform named Image Khoj in association with Mumbai based digital entrepreneur Manoj Punjabi, and a grand collaboration with the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi establishing a global entertainment platform.  While these announcements were not enough, the maestro of productions, Gaurang Doshi has brought in another one with his newly developed venture with China during his recent trip to Shanghai.  Backed by his veteran experience of two decades in the Indian Film industry, Gaurang Doshi has collaborated with some of the renowned Chinese entities becoming one of the first Indian producers to have explored such a venture with China paving way for a greater India-China relationship. A great partnership between two of the most ancient civilizations indeed.

Gaurang Doshi sets a record-breaking benchmark for Bollywood with Indo-China tie-Up

Creating a milestone for the Indian Bollywood Industry, Gaurang Doshi’s venture has been appreciated and lauded by the entire Chinese film fraternity and he has also become the first Indian producer to appear on Shanghai’s most popular talk show ‘632 Observations’ aired on China’s national television channel 632, to announce his venture. In the interview with the journalist, Gaurang Doshi quotes,

 “China’s film market has great potential. I hope that by establishing this platform, I will have more opportunities to cooperate with Chinese filmmakers. We hope to introduce quality Indian film to the Chinese market, and also Chinese films to India. We hope to also promote and develop exchanges between China and India from the aspects of film and television, and produce high-quality content for the big screen, TV and streaming media platforms together and create a platform to tell stories that are truly global.”

He also adds that while great cinemas are all about real emotions, they should never be limited to a segment and should rather have a global reach, scope and content in order to make a difference. Stating his love for Chinese movies, Gaurang Doshi talks about his favourite Chinese movie ‘Shaolin Temple’ and how he has watched the movie multiple times for its brilliance and extraordinary productions.

Not only is his work and initiative appreciated in China but Gaurang Doshi has also been honoured with an invite to produce Chinese movies by several leading producers and film makers including the most respected veteran Chinese film maker Stephen Lam. Stephen Lam, known for his brilliant work for movies like ‘Cold War’, ‘The Grandmaster’, ‘Lust,Caution’, ‘Hero’ and ‘The  Story of Qiu Ju’, has not only led the honour to Gaurang Doshi but has also extended his own collaboration invite stating in the interview “ I have great appreciation for the works of Mr. Doshi. He has an incredible brain for business and great directing skills. I look forward to our future cooperation.”

Gaurang Doshi’s venture indeed sets the ground to kindle the beginning of a new harmonious relationship between the two future superpower nations of the world and we just cannot wait to witness what more Gaurang Doshi has in store for us and for the Indian Film industry in the years to come.

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