Mahaveer Shringi’s Directorial Debut is a classic content-driven cinema

Mahaveer Shringi’s character brings a flavour of comedy in Koi Sath Hai

Do you believe in God or in Ghosts? As they say, if there is a powerful positive power like God, there is an equally negative power like Ghosts too. Koi Sath Hai will compel you to re-think about your beliefs and might as well change your opinions about several things. We all have grown up listening to our ‘Dadi-Nani ki kahaniyan’ and have enjoyed it to the core.

But do you remember the times when we were told about ‘chudails’, which intrigued us so much that we wanted to hear more of it despite being scared? Well, Shringi’s directorial debut will definitely take you back into your childhood days and remind you of those horror stories.

Koi Sath Hai is a tale of five young friends, Raghav, Anjali, Mansi, Akshay & Dev who set out on a road trip from Delhi to Jaipur. They must have never thought even in their wildest dreams where this journey will take them. On reaching their resort, these guys are subjected to some scary dreams and incidences that they keep ignoring until one fine night when they decide to awaken the evil spirits and what follows will take your breath away.

Horror is a difficult genre to attempt, and Mahaveer Shringi did that in his first attempt. Let us tell you that Koi Saath Hai will take you on a roller-coaster ride and will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end with the turn of unexpected incidents. Although this film promises to be a horror-comedy, the number of nail-biting and nerve-chilling scenes was more than the very little comedy ones. And, no, we are not complaining a bit about it.

Mahaveer Shringi's Directorial Debut is a classic content-driven cinema

The movie casts Mahaveer Shringi, Neet Mahal, Rajesh Dubeay, Priya Tiwari, Asma Sayad, Sikandar Chauhan, Yash Gaur, Anwar Ali and is directed by Mahaveer Shringi. Talking about actors, Shringi himself is a part of the film and plays the role of a cop. His character brings in a flavour of comedy in Koi Sath Hai. Apart from him, Neet Mahal has done a fantastic job, and we do not want to reveal much as it will be a spoiler and you definitely don’t want that.

We bet the performances will win your hearts and you wouldn’t regret investing 2 hours of your precious time on this one and a special mention of Rajesh Dubeay for portraying the role of Tantrik with such ease. The only complaint we have is the ending which has left us so confused that it is difficult to get it out of our heads. We hope all our doubts will be cleared in part 2 soon.

We want to highlight here that Koi Sath Hai has been entirely shot during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the film’s main USP is that it has been shot in real locations like ‘shamshan ghats’. This is another reason why you should not skip it.

All we would say for now is that, allow Mahaveer Shringi and his Koi Sath Hai team to take you on this petrifying journey and trust the story power.

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