Entrepreneur Wasim Akhtar earns good karma by serving the needy

Wasim Akhtar and his team have been contacting daily wagers and other needy people who have been locked jobless in their houses for the past 70 days.

Wasim Akhtar, a journalist and founder of an online news portal online, is helping the poor and needy people in the ongoing lockdown. Not only is he helping them financially but also providing emotional support and setting the right example of humanity.

Wasim Akhtar narrates, “I was very disturbed during the first 14 days of lockdown especially after seeing such sad videos about needy and poor people. But then I decided to move out of my house and help these poor people despite the fear of COVID-19 Coronavirus. We supply ration to around 200 people every day so that their families won’t sleep hungry.“

Waseem Akhtar and his team are contacting daily wagers and other needy people who have been locked jobless in their houses for the past 70 days. They are the people who will not beg for food to anybody, rather choose to sleep hungry. They are making sure to help the people in the remotest places by directly transferring the money in the accounts of needy people.

They have been feeding many migrants at Kurla and VT stations. On asking about it, Wasim said, “At VT station, there was a group of Tamilian migrants among which there were 6 women and 2 men, who didn’t know Hindi or English language, who were helpless and nowhere to go to, we send them back to their natives.”

The Giving Care Foundation also funded the funeral of a 65-year old man at the Worli crematorium. They took care of the expenses of the delivery of a Kolkata-based woman whose husband was stuck in Bombay. Along with this, they arranged everything for the funeral of a young girl who died after her prolonged illness amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Being a Muslim myself, I urge all the fellow Muslims that limit your expenses and help the poor and needy in such times,” Wasim Akhtar concludes.

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Aasif Ganaie

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