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Havenspire: The Largest Trading Community in India

Mr Ritvik Vipin and Mr Akash Jayan, Co-founders of Havenspire

December 18, 2019, New Delhi, India–

What began as a small community of traders in 2019, Havenspire has since grown into a nation-wide learning experience with more than 1000 dedicated individuals worldwide and has become the largest trading community in India.

The stock market is one of the most important pawns in a free-market economy like India. It has emerged as a global network for organized markets where large amounts of money is moved around every single day. It makes it possible for investors, small or big, to grow their sums of money into large ones with effort and time. Being a rookie in the business can lead to huge losses which makes the stock market a dangerous place to enter.

Only about one in hundred millennials have the courage to invest. A survey recently conducted showed that about 95% of the adults think that investing in the stock market is intimidating and risky. The fear of losing money in a bad investment, the amount of money they think is required for investing and not knowing whom to trust are significant factors pushing them away from the industry altogether. 

Mr. Ritvik Vipin and Mr. Akash Jayan, co-founders of Havenspire, were on the same boat a few years back when they newly entered the world of trading, fearing that they will reach a dead end soon. But with their hard work and perseverance, they have now created a platform for anyone to learn what trading is all about in very less time with Havenspire. Havenspire has caught the attention of many, all due to the successful results they receive from their members every day. They have massive Instagram communication on their insta handle @havenspire.

Mr Ritvik Vipin and Mr Akash Jayan, Co-founders of Havenspire

Ritvik and Akash were pursuing their Engineering at VIT, Vellore during which they decided to not fall into the typical rat race and create a benchmark for themselves. Ritvik, who started trading at the age of 17, met Akash in college and they started working together to learn more about the industry. Soon after, they started their offline training and helped their friends and family to get into it. Seeing the results, they realized their talents in the same and buckled up for the startup which is now India’s largest trading community of over 1000 members and they couldn’t be prouder.

At Havenspire, experienced professionals provide training from the basics about stock trading, making it possible for even those out there with zero previous knowledge, to gear up and trade in no time. Concepts and tactics needed for generating consistent profits and how to go for the big guns are focused upon.  

The amount of time one takes to absorb the information taught varies between students and so the results vary as well. The membership packages that Havenspire offers are more of a Mentorship program than just a plain online course and it guides you through the learning curve of being a stock trader.

Their focus is to let their members and the world know about how ravishing financial freedom is. To be able to make life decisions without having to be overly stressed about the financial impact of it because you will already be prepared for it. You have the choice to control your finances instead of being controlled by them. It’s not a get rich quick strategy rather a carefully planned, long term and effectively executed blueprint and that’s what Havenspire aspires to give to the world.

There is a huge misconception that trading is a gamble. The co-founders of Havenspire declare that if you do think so, that means you have no clue about how it works. Losing trades are part of the game but being illogical is another. There is no denying that trading is risky but at the same time, it is about calculated risks and strong risk management. Understanding the big picture is necessary to survive in the stock market industry. With Havenspire, traders can now develop consistency and fast-track their progress by getting a solid head-start, which amateur stock traders would take at least a year or two to master.

Havenspire has now evolved into a community of creators who help to nurture and scale up peoples’ business plans through their next venture, ‘Havenspire Media’, and help them live up to their potential. Another sister concern of Havenspire is the ‘Havenspire Education’ portal, which focuses on teaching the life skills that people can learn and monetize on. To know more, visit www.havenspire.in.

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