Android 12 features a new, easier way to share Wi-Fi password

Android 12 has rolled out a new feature titled ‘Nearby Share’ that will help a user to share a Wi-Fi password

The feature has gone live in the Android 12 developer beta, which has recently become available to download, Mashable quoted a report by Android Police and XDADevelopers’ Mishaal Rahman.

To do it, open Settings, a user needs to go to Wi-Fi, select the network one wants, and tap ‘Share’. One will get the option to share the network via a QR code or through Nearby Share. If a user chooses the latter, the phone will look for nearby devices, and the person on the other device will get a notification, asking them to accept the share.

The password will not be displayed for security reasons, but should the receiver accept the share, they will then be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Android 12 features a new, easier way to share Wi-Fi password

Mashable reported that Android has offered users the ability to share Wi-Fi networks via a QR code since version 10. However, the new way to do it is perhaps a little better as a user won’t walk up to the person, in case one wants to share the network with and show them the QR code.

But, for it to work, the person on the other end needs to have Nearby Share enabled.

As reported by Mashable, the feature allows an individual to send and receive files between Android devices and Chromebooks. However, not all Android phones support Nearby Share, but many popular ones do, including Google‘s Pixel phones and Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

Earlier this week, 9to5Google spotted another new feature that involves Nearby Share, allowing users to share apps with nearby Android devices. 

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