Google rolls out new ‘Preview Page’ option on Chrome for Android users

Google Chrome for Android has rolled out a new ‘Preview Page’ option that allows users to view all the contents of a page before actually opening it on the device.

Mashable quoted a report by 9to5Google as saying that the tech giant has been working on this ‘preview page’ feature for the past two years. Google has now finally started releasing the feature to Chrome 89 for Android users. Generally, a user long-presses the links and gets a context menu, now, one will also now see a preview page option between the ‘Open in the incognito tab’ and ‘Copy link address.

Google rolls out new 'Preview Page' option on Chrome for Android users

Apart from this new preview page feature, Google recently also announced that it is adding the ‘Full Coverage’ feature to Google Search. Google stated that this feature would make it easier for people to explore all aspects of a story from different perspectives. The details were published in a Google blog post.

As reported by Mashable, this full-coverage feature allows users to explore top news, local headlines, in-depth pieces, explainers, interviews, and more with just a tap of a button. Google’s ‘Full Coverage’ in search is also available on mobile devices, beginning with English in the US. It will be rolled out in more languages and locations in the future.

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