Google to add emoji feature to its ‘Google Docs’

Google is hoping for the much-anticipated emoticon reaction feature later this year 

The future of technology definitely looks brighter for Google as the American tech giant is gearing up for launching emoji reactions to its ‘Google Docs’ word processor, later this year.

Mashable India reported that as part of its Google I/O 2021 event, Google revealed a suite of new productivity features, including the ability to put little emojis underneath a word or series of words in Docs. Google, which is hopping on to the much-anticipated bandwagon, said the feature is coming later this year but didn’t give a more specific timeline for it.

Other productivity improvements include the ability to display what a user is working on in Docs in a Google Meet video call directly from the document itself, and live translations are also coming to Meet calls later this year, as per Mashable India. 

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