Lenovo announces ‘Smark Clock 2’ powered by Google Assistant

The Verge noted that 85 percent of the plastic on the Lenovo smartwatch will be made from recycled materials

The multinational technology company Lenovo has announced a new product in its smartwatch line named ‘The Lenovo Smart Clock 2’, on Monday.

The Verge has learnt that the Smart Clock 2 is powered by the Google Assistant and it can come with an optional wireless charging dock, which can juice up Qi-compatible devices. This dock can also act as what Lenovo describes as “a soft, ambient nightlight.” Lenovo has also announced that the new Smart Clock has an updated design with three colour options that blend in with ‘nearly any home decor’.

The Verge noted that 85 per cent of the plastic on the device will be made from recycled materials.

The new device will be taller and will have a bigger fabric chin below the four-inch touchscreen than what we’ve seen on Lenovo’s previous models.

It looks more like a miniature smart display than an alarm clock, which is certainly a departure from the line’s previous design philosophy. 

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