Mercedes unveils the MBUX Hyperscreen for EQS vehicle

Mercedes unveils next-generation 56-inch curved screen that runs the length of the dashboard of its flagship EQS vehicle

German luxury automotive giant, Mercedes Benz on Thursday unveiled the next iteration of its MBUX, which is a next-generation 56-inch curved screen that runs the length of the dashboard of its flagship EQS vehicle.

According to Tech Crunch, named the MBUX Hyperscreen, this new iteration of the next-generation infotainment system will be able to learn the behaviour of its driver. It will be an add-on option in the 2022 Mercedes EQS, the flagship sedan under Mercedes‘ electric EQ brand. MBUX is an infotainment system, which Mercedes had unveiled three years ago, representing a big leap in the legacy automotive industry. It had finally helped the users get rid of the pixelated screens and cluttered designs found in most modern infotainment systems. Its crisp graphics, intuitive user interface and voice assistant were almost similar to the experience of using a smartphone.

As per Tech Crunch, the Hyperscreen, which has been unveiled ahead of the virtual CES tech trade show, will feature 8 CPU cores, 24-gigabyte RAM and 46.4 GB per second RAM memory bandwidth. There will also be a multifunction camera and sensor that adapts the brightness of the screen depending on the lighting conditions.

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There will be no more need to scroll through menus or using the voice assistant because Mercedes has chosen to put all the information regarding charging, entertainment, phone, navigation, social media, connectivity and massage, right up front on the screen.

According to Mercedes-Benz CTO Sajjad Khan, all of this technology is meant to deliver an intuitive infotainment system that can be individualized for up to seven people. The software behind the Hyperscreen allows the system to continually get to know the customer better.

In certain markets, the passenger will also be able to watch videos while travelling using Bluetooth headphones. An intelligent camera-based locking concept will prevent the driver from looking at the passenger display to avoid distraction.

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