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New platform to assist Indian IT professionals to connect with global employers

New Delhi [India], Nov 22: TechFynder, a latest digital technology product, has been developed to provide a dedicated platform to hire IT contractors on a global scale.

In order to overcome the job-seeking hurdle and connect with employers directly, an Irish company’s new technology is said to redefine the hiring model by enabling Indian IT professionals to connect with global employers at their chosen locations through a free portal. Looking at the wider picture of the recruitment industry, the current issue is that contractors find it difficult to connect directly with companies and searching online for the next contract, as it is time taking and expensive.

Also, the planning of interviews and communication is a long process. For a client, there is a high demand for quality IT contractors globally that have the right skills, experience to work at client locations but there is no dedicated platform.

The development of the digital solution commenced in November 2018 after Praveen Madire, CEO of TechFynder started discussing how businesses could connect directly with contractors through one platform.

“There is a lot of frustration and challenges involved in the recruitment industry trying to accommodate clients with great candidates without having to spend their budget. Therefore, TechFynder will provide the specific talent with opportunities in the Global Technology Contractor Marketplace,” explained Praveen Madire, founder of Test Triangle.

The platform, which was launched on October 3, has already garnered over 10,000 contractors, among which 1,000 are from India.

Talking about the Indian market, Madire highlighted that the “research and analysis carried out showed a gap in the Indian market to provide specific talent with opportunity in the global technology contractor marketplace.”

“The point of difference for contractors is that they can also plan their contracts in their preferred location in advance without having to register on numerous job portals, it is an efficient way for professionals to manage their future,” he added while explaining about the latest platform.

TechFynder is a free service for IT contractors to register and a subscription-based service for companies that provides immediate results from exact skills, experience, rates and real-time availability to work at their client locations.

Sharing more insights about the platform Mr Madire mentioned, “business and communities who are looking to hire IT contractors globally can subscribe to the platform, search IT contractors who meet their requirements and budget and thus hire them through our platform.”

“It’s a direct one-stop solution for hiring IT contractors globally. It will save on budget by avoiding advertising on platform & paying to vendor commissions,” he concluded. 

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