Tech firms in Kerala IT parks gear up to bring employees back to office

After a long work-from-home stint, employees at technology firms in Kerala IT parks are getting ready to travel back to office.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been on the wane, and this has prompted the technology sector in Kerala to look for ways to get back on the rails. After a long work from home (WFH) stint, IT employees working at the companies housed at three major technology parks in Kerala are gearing up to be back in the office.

Having spent more than 18 months on WFH mode, employees are gradually returning to their offices. Companies at the Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram, Infopark in Kochi, Cyberpark in Kozhikode, and the allied tech parks in the smaller towns, will be resuming office before the start of next year.

The government decision on exemptions in Covid regulations and vaccination of a majority of the employees have prompted companies to look at bringing back work to the office space.

Tech companies might look at a hybrid working system

However, sources in the IT sector in Kerala say that most of the companies would prefer both the work from home as well as the hybrid working modes.  Only a few firms are likely to have a 100 per cent presence of staff, while the others will follow the latter a mix of both – work from home and office.

The work from the home model has actually paid off for many companies, with business activities continuing without hassles.  Many companies have succeeded in getting people to work similarly to what was seen during the pre-pandemic days.

Further to the normal functioning, many new companies also set up shop at the various tech parks in the state even during the pandemic. For instance, Kerala IT parks saw a whole lot of new businesses open at its facilities, though most of the work was being done from remote locations.  Some of the existing ones expanded operations too.

Tech MNCs also look to resume office operations

MNCs like TCS and Wipro are believed to be gearing up to bringing back 85 per cent of their employees once the latest normal sets in. The plan is to invite employees in different phases. Meanwhile, Allianz has plans to bring employees back to office starting November-December in a phased manner and will follow a 60:40 hybrid system.

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