YouTube allows creators to change their channel name

YouTube allows creators to change their channel name without changing the entire Google account

Google-owned streaming giant YouTube has come up with a new update that will allow its users to change their channel name and picture without having an impact on their original Google account.

Until now, YouTube creators had to change their name and icon for their entire Google account — so their name on YouTube would be the same name they send emails from in Gmail. Now making it easier, the streamer giant is allowing its creators to update their channel name and picture inside YouTube, and those changes will only impact their profile on YouTube, the Verge reported.

The new update is expected to offer more flexibility for creators who might prefer to send emails under their actual name instead of their channel name.

However, this also comes with a drawback to the creators who have a verification badge as they will lose their check mark if they change their name. The Verge reported that the creators will have to apply to receive the badge again.

As per YouTube’s official statements obtained by The Verge, this feature is a result of ‘top request from creators’. The update, that has been rolled out today is applicable for both personal and brand accounts.

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