Kerala adds Palakkad to its kayaking destinations; sets sail in Bharathapuzha

This is the first time that kayaking is being introduced in the district under the auspices of DTPC

Palakkad, a district in Kerala, will soon open up to the prospects of kayaking for the first time. A Palakkad District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) initiative to lure more tourists to the district, the kayaking venture will get sailing along the famed Bharathapuzha river, also known as the Nila.

As part of adding more charm to the kayaking facilities for travellers arriving in the district, the DTPC organised a kayaking fest in the Bharathapuzha river near Trithala Velliyankallu Heritage Park on September 20th.

With the festival over, the public has now been given access to go kayaking from today onwards. The facility is open between 7 am and 6 pm on all days. The ticket price has been fixed at Rs 100 per person.

As many as five boats that seat one person and five boats that can seat two people have been lined up at the destination. This makes it possible for up to 15 people to go kayaking at the same time.

As it is the first time that kayaking has arrived in Palakkad, travellers arriving in the district have been evincing keen interest in trying out the adventure sport.

Kayaking is adventure sailing in a small fiberglass boat that can seat one or two people. For Kerala, the sport adds more significance, owing to the fact that the state has a handful of large and small rivers across its geography. Further, Responsible Tourism also comes into play while opting for this sport, as it does not pollute the river. The sport is eco-friendly and has proved to be a major tourist attraction in many foreign countries. In Kerala, districts like Kottayam and Ernakulam are already offering the facility for tourists.

According to a Kerala Tourism spokesperson, the aim is to attract tourists by utilizing the tourism potential of Bharathapuzha, the second largest river in the state suitable for kayaking.

Kayaking brings in eco-friendly, responsible tourism aspects

The initiative is also expected to bring the kayaking experience of Bharathapuzha to the world tourism map and also will mark the beginning of the cleansing of Bharathapuzha. The DTPC spokesperson added that is intended to collect the waste from Bharathapuzha and bury it across safe spots in the panchayat.

According to the Palakkad DTPC Secretary KG Ajesh, if the pilot venture which has now been initiated proves to be a success, the DTPC would make Trithala, a permanent venue for kayaking. This will add yet another activity-related tourism destination to Kerala’s already vibrant travel map.

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