Robots serve food at this one-of-its-kind restaurant in Chennai

Robots serve food at this one-of-its-kind restaurant in Chennai

February 01, 2019 —

Robot revolution has always been on the horizon. If you have been a fan of science fiction, you must have seen how robots are portrayed; if not slaughtering the en masse, which experts believe is not likely to happen, we see robots as servants, co-workers, and even as lovers. Chennai’s ROBOT restaurant will give you a glimpse of how it feels to be around with robots. This might mean that we are rolling toward a future in which the existence of robots will be common.

Cut to the chase, the popular Chinese restaurant MOMO in Chennai has taken a step ahead and has become one-of-its-kind to have robots serving food to customers. This Chennai robot restaurant has even undergone renovation and a new theme.

After the change of theme, the restaurant has also been renamed as ROBOT and has four robots serving dishes to the visitors. Talking about this unique robot-themed restaurant, the entrepreneur said, “MOMO was quite popular among our customers for its authentic taste, but it wasn’t something out of the ordinary. I wanted to bring something new to the people. The trend of robot restaurants has become usual in Japan, Bangladesh and western countries too. That’s when I thought Chennai needs one too.”

There are around 20 tables at ROBOT, managed by four android robots. These robots come decked in four different colours, i.e., pink, purple, red and blue. These robots are handled by people at the backend, who are mainly responsible for their programming. Needless to say, this dual combination of high-end technology and good food will surely be a sight to behold.

Once the dishes are cooked, chefs will send out robots to serve the food! The robots here are bi-lingual, for they understand Tamil too. So, the next time you are in Chennai, a visit to this restaurant becomes an absolute must. If you have been to ROBOT, do not forget to drop in your comments and share your experience with us.

Source: Times travel