US lawmakers to introduce a bill to announce Diwali as federal holiday

Democratic Congresswoman and a supporter of Indian Diaspora, Carolyn Maloney to introduce a bill in Capitol Hill seeking to recognise Diwali as a federal holiday.

US lawmaker Carolyn Maloney will introduce a bill in Congress that aims to recognize Diwali as a federal holiday in America on November 3.

The Democratic Congresswoman from New York would be joined by the lawmakers of Indian congregation Ro Khanna and Raja Krishnamoorthi to introduce her legislation, ANI reported. The long-time supporter of the Indian diaspora and her clan was also joined by Sanjeev Joshipura, executive director of the Indiaspora. He will represent the members of the Indian community residing in America.

She had earlier successfully worked with Indian advocates and led efforts to appeal to the US postal service for approving and issuing a commemorative stamp honouring Diwali in 2016.

Official recognition of Indian festival, Diwali

As per the current update, around four million Indians and people of Indian origin stay in America. They make up about 1.2% of the entire American population. A lot of parliamentarians, prominent community leaders and other dignities attended the Diwali celebration events. The celebration was limited last year due to covid, but it was live broadcasted.

Carolyn had earlier stated that a small effort would hold great meaning to millions of people. It will also aid in cementing India-US ties. After the bill is passed, then Diwali will be considered a holiday in federal institutions with considerable populations.

The Diwali stamp

Carolyn had tweeted a happy fifth anniversary to the Diwali stamp, introduced on October 5, 2016. It took almost seven years to introduce the commemorative Diwali holiday stamp, the Indian Panorama reported.

The stamp showcases a photograph featuring a traditional Indian oil lamp lighted during the festival in a sparkling gold background. Oil lamps or diyas are made of clay and has a cotton wick dipped in oil or ghee.

The stamp was recognized by 24 nations led by Belarus along with Georgia and India as Co-Organizers, and with Co-Sponsors and others, the report added.

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