Brandify You: Read Rishabh Marathe’s Powerful Book On Branding

The latest book by Strategic Marketer & Personal Branding Coach Rishabh Marathe on the topic of personal branding ‘Brandify You’ has a very interesting take on personal branding. The author realized his passion for serving people with the need for personal branding when he wanted to recognize his own identity. Through this book, he offers insights on the skillsets and mindset required to be a successful personal brand who can survive any platform and any change if the purpose is right.

The author Rishabh, has a strong fundamental for life where he has a mission to transform 100K lives, find their identity. Rishabh Marathe is a Strategic Marketer, Personal Branding coach and a lifelong learner. He is a Senior Marketer working for BIC-Cello India and has studied Strategic Digital Marketing from Cambridge Judge Business School and done his MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management. He has also worked for organizations like Unilever and Marico, India where his Branding and Marketing fundamentals have been enhanced.  He envisions using these fundamentals to re-brand lives and businesses.

From having a rough start to establishing his own passion as a career, Rishabh’s journey has been pretty amazing, especially in the last 15 months. He was struggling to find his identity and purpose in life until one day when in a motivational seminar he realized that he was partnering in creating million-dollar brands in his career but couldn’t position himself in his life.

Brandify You Read Rishabh Marathe's Powerful Book On Branding - Digpu

The author, while writing this book, aimed at kick-starting his own personal branding journey to coach others figure out their true potential. He wants to enlighten people about how each individual is a superhero and capable of being a powerful personal brand. He aims to help Micro-Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Trainers and Individuals who wish to become thought leaders in life.

Rishabh says, “Brandify You is my attempt to re-think the self-branding paradigm. I truly believe that ‘You are the CEO of brand YOU’ and anything you do to position yourself will reflect on what your identity is. If you have a purpose, a mission to achieve a great place in life that stems out of the need to serve the world and make a difference, this book is for you.”

He adds that “Brandify You is an honest attempt to help educate every individual out there about the benefits of how essentials of branding can be used to transform their lives. In today’s competitive world, personal branding is needed in every walk of life, as a coach or trainer, as an employee an entrepreneur or even as a person. This book helps you understand how you can combine your skillsets and mindset to Brandify You into a strong personal brand and help you achieve that edge over your competition.”

It is a 90-day strategic cycle to build a personal brand identity for everyone out there. He aims to supplement this with online learning and coaching programs clubbed under the “Brandify You – Personal Branding Mastery” e-learning course.

Your Brand’s Identity is your Reality. So, however you position yourself becomes your identity. You can choose to have an identity of a loser or a rebel or change your mirror and change your identity of a person who can make a difference.

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