COVID19 awareness campaign in rural areas by Magic Bus

Magic Bus’ Youth Mentors are continuously visiting communities to sensitise them about the #COVID19 outbreak

Mumbai, India: Magic Bus’ Youth Mentors are continuously visiting communities to sensitise them about the #COVID19 outbreak, They also explained why is it important to avoid social gatherings. They are propagating that seeking early medical care is very crucial if one experiences fever, cough or difficulty in breathing.

Magic Bus Youth Mentors Awareness Program on #Covid19 outbreak

The mentors also sensitised residents about the symptoms and prevention of the disease while answering their queries. Youth mentors told the residents that there is no need to panic in this regard and the government has been working exhaustively to control it. They must take protein-rich and nutritious food with vitamins as it keeps the immune system in proper shape. They were also taught the right technique to use face masks and hand gloves.

Other Magic Bus Programs

For over two decades now, Magic Bus has been helping move a generation out of the vicious cycle of poverty. From 3000 children in 1999 in Mumbai, the Magic Bus has transformed over one million children and young people living in poverty, and taken them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. Magic Bus is one of the largest poverty alleviation programmes in India, impacting 3, 75, 000 children and young people in 22 states and 80 districts of India in FY 18-19.

By delivering sports activity-based sessions in close to 1961 communities and 930 schools in both urban slum clusters and remote rural areas, the organization has created a special niche for itself. Since the Childhood to Livelihood programme began in 2015, they have been running 42 Livelihood running where 30,000 youth were trained, and more than 70% youth placed in jobs in the organised sector, career-based training or getting self-employed, with an average salary of INR 10,287.  

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