Rise Asset Management Private Limited: Generating multi-fold returns for clients

With professional management of clients’ investments, Rise Asset Management Private Limited has been providing exceptional returns to its clients in any kind of challenging investment environment.

With Finance and Technology coming together, great results are yielded. Rise Asset Management Private Limited was co-founded by M. Mohan Krishna and G. Surya Prakash Rao. Mohan Krishna, a technical geek with his Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning expertise added to the stock market trading experience of Surya Prakash Rao, a financial wizard.

Rise Asset Management Private Limited has carved a niche for itself in the field of wealth management. It is one of the most sought after investment management firms by the HNIs. It has devised various investment plans based on the requirements of its clients and help them in achieving their financial goals.

In this era of uncertainty where stock markets are falling down, NAV of mutual funds is going down and the interest rate on bank deposits is being reduced, Rise Asset Management Private Limited has been providing consistent positive returns to its clients. It aims to grow the wealth of its clients multifold and contribute its part to the society as part of corporate social responsibility.

Unlike mutual funds, it does not levy AMC charges on clients’ investments. There is neither entry load nor exit load on the clients’ investments. Moreover, there is no lock-in period of 3 to 5 years. Clients can invest from a period ranging from 3 months to 36 months and receive returns of 26% to 100% for different investment periods.

It conducts stock market trading seminars and training sessions and transformed the lives of several people by enabling them to make a profit in the stock market as their primary or secondary source of income. The management of the company assesses the requirement of each client and diversify their investments accordingly.

It has been incorporated as Private Limited Company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Its team comprises of experts from the Finance, Banking, Capital Markets, IT & ITES sectors. The stock market experts ensure the desired returns on investments are achieved by analyzing technicals, fundamentals and option chain.

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