Actor & entrepreneur Akhil Kumar delivers his maiden TEDx talk

Akhil Kumar’s TED talk was a part of the TEDx talk event organised by the TED organising team at Shoolini University 

Some tremendous ideas came out of this mind in the form of producing and acting out award-winning short films while we were all crippled by the lockdown, actor and entrepreneur Akhil Kumar is back, but this time around it’s for something much bigger, the young actor from Delhi has delivered his first-ever TEDx talk which is being hailed as his Magnum opus so far and is attracted appreciation and attention around the world.

The humility of the man would forbid it but Actor Akhil Kumar now joins the league of eminent personalities from India like Mr. Shah Rukh khan, Ms. Tabu, Mr. Shekhar Kapur, Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Mr. Gaur Gopal Das, Mr. Pratik Gandhi, Mr. Abhishek Banerjee, etc who have delivered their TED talks in the past.

Akhil Kumar’s TED talk was a part of the TEDx talk event organized by the TED organizing team at Shoolini University who had invited Akhil to be a part of their speaker list which had 12 more speakers from various fields along with Akhil who came from the Entrepreneurial and entertainment industry.

Due to the challenges thrown by the current times, the event had to be conducted virtually but for Akhil Kumar what really mattered was giving his best, whether it was online or offline. He gave the talk with the same enthusiasm virtually also.

Akhil’s TED talk can be seen below:

The talk is a spectacle and stage that truly inspires.

The theme given for this particular talk was, ‘ Metamorphosis ‘ and Akhil’s journey and attitude reflect that strange change he describes in his talk.

The themed talk was really universal and connected with people from all walks of life because it is very true that it’s very difficult for a person to make a change happen because not everyone is open to change for the good and getting rid of our set ways which slow down our growth.

Akhil Kumar cited a very good example in his talk where he mentioned that until time, we don’t accept the change which might even feel strange, nothing will really happen. The magic happens in that strange zone hence the topic he created for his talk was, ‘ Why does change feel so strange ‘. Many felt the topic to be relatable and catch at the same time and Akhil felt that it described his idea of Metamorphosis very well.

Actor & entrepreneur Akhil Kumar delivers his maiden TEDx talk

Akhil Kumar said that this 14-minute Ted talk sums up his life experiences and the metamorphosis of his life. The best part about his talk was Akhils experience of meeting the God of Cricket, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar who appreciated Akhil for his work as well Akhils experience of meeting Mr. Zinedine Zidane, the football legend in Spain who Akhil met when Akhil was crowned as the Fan Ambassador from India for the giant Football league, ‘ LaLiga ‘ who also had congratulated for making it to the LaLiga game and also hosting a part of the match in which Real Madrid was playing. Akhil feels blessed that he could represent India on such a big platform. When quizzed on who would he like to dedicate his Ted talk to, without taking a pause he mentioned his parents are the ones because of whom he is where he is today and wanted to thank Mrs. Shweta Kumar & Mr. Rajiv Kumar.

On being quizzed about his upcoming Campaigns, Akhil mentioned that he has recently joined 2 social causes namely, the ‘ Refuse to Ride ‘ campaign which was started which tells people to not ride on elephants started by Wildlife SOS.

 He has recently also become a supporter of the Say No to Drugs campaign started by a renowned university.

The young actor has also been getting appreciated because when things in the country were very difficult around a month, he was getting many requests on his Instagram page to help people with Covid resources, and he & his team went out of their way to support the People in need by connecting them to possible resources, getting the requests of the general public amplified and trying to raise funds for the needy. He also auctioned off one of his prized possessions to raise funds for a family which was in dire need of funds.

Alongside this Akhil is also working on a few acting projects and we hope to see him on screen again soon and since he’s a professional host who has hosted several national and international events as well like film festivals, sports tournaments, etc, we also hope to see him on stage soon.

Actor & entrepreneur Akhil Kumar delivers his maiden TEDx talk

We hope people all over the globe get encouraged by this young lad’s Ted talk and it inspires generations to come especially the youth of the country that a person can reach places and that too internationally if you have the passion and zeal to achieve your dreams.

Akhil concluded by saying that the journey hasn’t been easy and he has no regrets. There is a lot more to experience and a lot more to fulfill but one should always remember that if you would bring value to the table, you would get a seat at the table so it’s important to focus on making yourself learn and you should never ever feel that you know everything.

Akhil can be reached out on his Instagram Handle – @akhilkumarofficial

We wish the young actor success with his campaigns and his Ted talk and hope it encourages the youth to take up their passion.

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