Forbes India: Upcoming ‘Health’ Edition Uncovers all about Health & Healthcare

The Most Awaited Forbes India Magazine’s Issue featuring advices, stories and interviews of health experts

Pune, India, 12 August 2020: Health is always a priority in everyone’s life. However, the ongoing pandemic highlighted that good health is the most important thing one can treasure, even more than money. The COVID-19 pandemic also proved that no country or individual could ever be over-prepared when it comes to healthcare. There is always room for expert advice, R&D and futuristic innovations to mitigate any unforeseen disasters.

In light of this, Forbes India, a leading business magazine, is coming up with one of the most anticipated editions of 2020 on Health. The Forbes India Magazine’s Health Edition uncovers all about health and healthcare. It will celebrate some of the best Health-Tech Companies and acknowledge the untiring work that hospitals and health workers are doing.

It goes without saying that preventive care may have become the highlight of the medical industry lately. But there are innumerable surgeons, therapists, health-tech companies, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies that made surviving the pandemic possible.

Forbes India: Upcoming ‘Health’ Edition Uncovers all about Health & Healthcare

The global crisis forced every country to impose strict lockdowns to safeguard its people. This surely has taken a toll on the mental health of many. The Health Edition of Forbes India Magazine looks at removing the stigma attached to mental health and disorders. Therefore, mental health experts and wellness coaches will talk about when to seek help from a qualified professional.

While someone may just be upset or sad about something, however, mood swings or tendencies of self-harm should not be ignored. There are therapists, coaches and holistic medicine experts who can guide you to come out of it. They will highlight ways to elevate the mood and calm down the body and mind in sync.

The Forbes India Health Edition will also feature insights into the PPE industry, alternative medicine and all about health. It will also include the most authentic information and expert advice from various stakeholders in the industry.

The magazine will be on the stands by 28th August 2020. Digpu News Network (official partner of Forbes India) invites Health Experts from various niche to come forward to apprise and help society with their expertise.

For more information and to get featured in this exclusive edition, visit Forbes India Health.

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