How Regenerative Treatments Can Change Your Life

If you have chronic pain, you were probably offered pain management treatments that included a lifelong prescription of medications or surgery.

Did you know that there are other pain management solutions that can relieve pain, prevent degeneration and even heal the tissue? This growing field of medicine is known as regenerative medicine and offers treatments that seek to replace and restore degenerative tissues to help you regain function and minimize pain. 

How Regenerative Therapies Work and its Benefits

Dr Sarah Bennett, a Naturopathic Doctor at Natural Med Doc, emphatically supports regenerative methods for chronic pain. “These therapies work through stimulating and utilizing the body’s natural healing processes. Some of the benefits include improvement of joint function, reduced nerve pain and better blood flow.”

These benefits aren’t just solely pain management, patients also discover other benefits of receiving regenerative treatments that improve and change their quality of life. Some of these benefits are reducing medications and side effects, less recovery downtime and improved athletic performance as well as improved mood, sleep and self-esteem.

1.Minimize The Use of Medications

At the core of pain management is managing the body’s inflammatory response and conventionally, this is done through anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Regenerative therapies naturally help to reduce inflammation and stop degeneration in certain conditions such as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. By reducing inflammation, you often decrease or eliminate the use of medications such as NSAIDS or addictive opioids.

2. Risks of Long Term Use of Medications

Medications can have detrimental effects if used for long term. A common adverse effect of Tylenol is liver damage.  In addition, a frequently used treatment for pain is steroid shots, injected into painful joints which down the road can cause joint damage and degeneration of the ligaments and tendons. Regenerative injections such as prolotherapy or perineural therapy do not contain cortisone and stimulate the body’s healing cascade.

How Regenerative Treatments Can Change Your Life - Digpu News
Stem Cells; Stem Cell Therapy Or Regenerative Medicine

3. Avoid Surgery, Minimize Recovery Time and Less Risk

Sometimes surgery is unavoidable, however, in certain cases of chronic pain, regenerative therapies can help you avoid more invasive procedures such as surgery or nerve ablation and forego the often-extensive recovery time. Treatments often require little to no downtime, good for the busy professional or athlete. There are also minimal side effects – after receiving a treatment, it is typical to expect mild soreness or bruising up to 24 hours after the procedure. In addition, regenerative treatments offer less risk, less complications and side effects to surgery or opioids since the treatments work to stimulate natural healing processes.

4. Prolotherapy Helps with Stabilizing Joints

Regenerative treatment such as prolotherapy are natural injections that stimulate localized inflammation and healing, are beneficial for strengthening these lax tissues. They achieve these benefits by stimulating collagen production and growth of healthy tissues. Ultimately, your performance and movement will improve through decreased pain, optimal movement and function.

5. Reduce Muscular Tension and Spasms, Gain More Ease

Do you suffer from nagging pain such as chronic muscular tension or muscle spasms? For those areas – painful knots, also known as “trigger points” –  could be the cause of your chronic pain. Trigger point therapy, which is the application of low dose anaesthetic and dextrose as an injection, can help to reduce those areas of pain by reducing muscular tension and aiding in muscular relaxation.

6. Improved Quality of Life

Chronic pain can limit your life greatly- from your movement, diminished energy levels, mood and limiting activities that you participate in. Those with chronic pain are also three times more likely to have depression. They are also more likely to have trouble sleeping and low-self esteem. Utilizing regenerative treatments can give patients a reprieve from the often wearing down effect of chronic pain.

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