Why Is India a Popular Destination for Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism Services in India is gaining its popularity among international tourists as they refuse the waiting period for medical aid in countries like the USA and UK. People are travelling overseas to procure healthcare for various treatments. Medical Tourism is still a developing sector in India. Above all, the pleasant nature of the workforce, roots for culture and tradition, and world-class hospitality attracts tourists. The last few years have witnessed a growing trade in this industry.

“In Asia, India is in the top three destinations for medical services. It is gaining its popularity with a growing rate of 30% every year”.

This is no surprise, as most of the tourists are seeking affordable treatment in India. India offers high-end facilities at cheaper rates compared to any western country. In Addition, Qualified doctors and accredited hospitals with better infrastructure is a plus. You can avail your medical aid at the lowest charges with the most competitive prices.

With the emergence of globalization and consumerism, there is a surging tendency among visitors to travel in search of better standards and reasonable health options. Firstly, Medical tourism encompasses medical treatments, wellness programs, and alternative medicines. Secondly, Medical tourism is gradually adapting towards medical service travel that also includes detaining a patient’s healthcare-seeking conduct as well as the broader economic influence on the countries hosting them.

Why Is India a Popular Destination for Medical Tourism
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Why is India famous for Medicine?

  • Variety of Treatments: diversity in medical care like cardiovascular treatment, cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment, transplants, ophthalmology, etc.
  • Alternative Treatments: for a better healthy lifestyle people are opting for yoga, wellness programs, Ayurveda, and therapies that are available in India.
  • Costing: treatment costing rate is 1/10th of what is charged around the globe in India. Affordability of medical aid is a major point for attracting customers. Cheaper rates for healthcare services make up a popular destination.
  • Experienced Doctors: professional practitioners with many years of expertise lead the specialty among different types of diseases and illnesses. They are qualified with international certifications and works with precision and care. Also, They are in sync with the latest developments in medicine and updates themselves with technologies.
  • Connectivity: one can apply for a medical visa very easily and can stay up to one month within the borders. Patients can feel the ease of travel with proper connectivity in the country and states of India. E- medical attendant visa is also available.
  • Shorter waiting time: arranging appointments with doctors on time is the biggest advantage in India with respect to other countries. Indian hospitals do not have a long waiting list for life-saving treatments. Therefore, Patients are at ease to get treatment in time.

Prime metro cities with the infrastructure of high quality have already started netting benefits of this slot fragment. Apart from these some of the Tier II cities are also engaging for a slice of the pie. Major medical tourism attracting locations in India are- Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kerala, and Hyderabad.

New additional services are launched by Medsurge India. It is to assist best healthcare services, provider, and tie-ups with the best hospitals in India. The Medsurge India team tries to provide patients with full solutions from start to end for medical treatment in India. Step to step package is assisted by the company so that a patient has a hassle-free medical trip.

Why Is India a Popular Destination for Medical Tourism?
Photo Credit – Digpu News Network


Purchasing of medical services in India is a preferable option as a patient gets worth of money at every procedure. Proper guidance and accommodation facilities are availed by the healthcare providers during the time of the visit to India. Awareness among medical treatment receivers is increasing and they are considering the options available in India. In addition to medical travel, people are now taking advantage of leisure travel also. This destination is gaining a lot of attention and growing as a medical hub for tourists. The Standard of medical tourism in India is increasing day by day and a patient’s health is the major focus.

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