Afghan students in JNU seek an extension of visa; not keen on going back

Afghan students pursuing studies in India fear returning to their homeland

New Delhi: The turmoil in Afghanistan caused due to the advancement and taking over of the already war-torn nation by the Taliban has repercussions across the world. 

The plight of the Afghan students pursuing their academic courses in India has become a point of concern of late. Around 22 students are studying at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) at the moment. And, all of them are seeking visa extensions as none of them want to go back to what once used to be their homeland. 

Afghan students want to stay back in India during Taliban rule

As they look forward to getting their visas extended through their academic courses, it turns out to be a problematic situation brewing for the students and the university administration.  

Post-takeover by the Taliban forces, the war-like scenario in Afghanistan is threatening the country’s peaceful existence. With blind faith ruling the roost, the peace-loving population of the Asian nation is being pushed to the wall. Women and girls in Afghanistan foresee a slave-like existence once the Taliban unleashes their doctrines and ideas. They believe they would be governed by a group of armed militiamen for whom peace and freedom for women are non-existent terms. 

The 22 students at JNU are at risk of traveling to a place where they would be treated inhumanly for the rest of their lives. For most of these international students at the JNU, the visa limit would get over by December this year, said an India Today report.

Afghan students wary of volatile motherland situation

With the Afghan scene extremely volatile, the students look forward to staying back in India. They would now hope to get their visas to stay on and continue with their higher studies post their current academics. 

With Ph.D. in JNU expensive for foreign nationals, students who do not hail from affluent families would find the going tough. But many students hope that they could find a way to pursue higher studies somehow or the other. All they want is to stay away from Afghanistan. 

Afghan students await JNU decision 

The report added that JNU, in the meanwhile, has stated they were aware of the situation faced by the students. However, a decision might take a while to come about, as JNU has remained closed as per the latest Circular issued by the DDMA, Government of NCT, Delhi.

It remains to be seen whether the Afghan students would get to stay back and continue their studies post-December.

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