Congress slams Modi govt over Rs 25 LPG price hike

New Delhi: The LPG prices have again risen and are blowing a hole in the pocket of the country’s average citizen. The LPG cylinder price was raised on Tuesday. The cost of LPG cylinders in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai now is ₹860, ₹886, ₹860, and ₹875.

LPG prices hiked by Rs 25

The Hindustan Times reports that Congress has lashed out against the consistent hike in fuel and LPG prices under the Modi Government. The latest hike of Rs 25 has exacerbated the wounds of the common middle class and below-the poverty line families. Calling the latest price hike anti-woman the Congress has demanded an immediate rollback of the hike in petroleum as well as LPG price hike.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said, “The decision to hike LPG prices is a reflection of the government’s anti-women ideology. The high prices are forcing women to go back to cow dung cakes and firewood, which are not good for women’s health.”

The cylinder must not cost more than Rs 600

Shrinate drew attention to the import parity price, which determines the LPG price in the country. He said that as per the import parity price, the cylinder must not cost more than Rs 600. He questioned the government of forcing the consumers to pay extra.

Can poor families afford a cylinder worth 860 rupees?

Shrinate also lamented that workers are losing their jobs when the economy is in dire straits; why is the government aggravating their misery? Why is the government not doing anything to lower the prices? Shrinate also took a dig at PM Modi’s pet project Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, to distribute free LPG connections to poor women. She asked how many low-income families can afford a cylinder worth 860 rupees.

The price of LPG was hiked by Rs 25 this month. The new LPG cylinder price rates are effective from August 17. The price of LPG between January 1 and August 17 has risen by ₹165 each. On August 1, the prices of the 19-kg commercial LPG cylinders were hiked. However, the price of LPG domestic cooking gas has remained unchanged.

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