Everyone will be vaccinated by December end: Prakash Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar also revealed that the Health Ministry had given a timeline for generating 216 crore doses by that time

On Friday, the Center declared that it will be ready to vaccinate everyone by the end of the year.

According to Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, the vaccination program in India will be completed by December.

Prakash Javadekar also revealed that the Health Ministry had given a timeline for generating 216 crore doses by that time.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has declared last week that by the end of 2021, India would be able to vaccinate at least all of its adult population. He also stated that health facilities are being modernized in the event that the virus mutates in the future and puts children at risk.

“Between August and December 2021, India would have bought 216 crore vaccine doses, whereas 51 crore doses would be obtained by July this year,” the Union Minister stated at a COVID review meeting on May 21.

After opposition leader Rahul Gandhi said that India lacked a vaccination plan, Prakash Javadekar reaffirmed the assertion.

Rahul had criticized the government for alleged ‘slow vaccination’ and said, “When we get rid of lockdown, virus will start to evolve. The only permanent way of fighting the virus is vaccine. It is important to understand, the more time you give the virus, the more likely it is to mutate and defeat our vaccine.”

Rahul said that the need of the hour is to understand the dangers of the mutation of this virus, not only to India but to the rest of the world. “You are creating a liability for the whole planet. Why? Because you are allowing 97% of the population to be attacked by Corona,” he said.

He claimed that only 3% Indians have been vaccinated while half of America is vaccinated in comparison. He said 8-10% of Brazil is vaccinated while the Indian government is helping the virus.

“I am again requesting the Government. Get your vaccination strategy in order, do not give the virus the space to mutate. It is going to kill again. Lockdown is a temporary solution,” he said, adding, “I guarantee you, at 3% vaccination, we are going to get a third wave & it’s going to be more brutal than the second wave. If we continue to leave space open, there will be a fourth & fifth wave & then there’s a chance vaccine won’t work.”

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