Pakistani students in Wuhan cry for help amid Coronavirus outbreak

Wuhan [China] : Students from Pakistan, who are studying at various universities in China’s Wuhan and nearby cities, cry for help after India flew special Air India jets to evacuate the stranded Indians from China amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

In several video messages which are going viral, these Pakistan students were seen appealing for help and evacuation and slamming the Pakistan government over its refusal to save the lot. The Pakistani government has said that it will not evacuate its citizens from the coronavirus-hit Wuhan to show “solidarity” with all-weather ally China.

However, India recently evacuated 324 Indians from Wuhan city.
A group of Pakistani students wearing protected masks said in a video, “Indian students are returning back as their government is rescuing them. Indonesian students are being provided funds by their embassy and they will be rescued soon. We want to ask our government: Are they waiting for us to die?. If not, then we should be rescued as soon as possible”.

In another video, a group of Pakistani students from a university in Xinjiang said in their video message, “Our University is located 2-3 hours distance from Wuhan city. There are chances of virus reaching to this city. Even this area is already infected, but nobody is taking our concern seriously”.


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