Priyanka Gandhi calls out UP govt for inadequate testing in Bijnor

Priyanka Gandhi said failure to ramp up the facilities would be akin to inviting the third wave of the deadly virus

General Secretary, Indian National Congress, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday criticized the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government for lack of testing facilities in the State’s Bijnor city.

In a tweet, Priyanka said that only 800-1000 RT-PCR tests are conducted every day on the population of Bijnor which is over 30 lakhs. She said this while tweeting a news report.

Priyanka Gandhi added that even High Court has observed that there should be more than four thousand RT-PCR tests daily in the district.

Warning that the administration needs to act now, she said failure to ramp up the facilities would be akin to inviting the third wave of the deadly virus.

“Only 800-1000 RTPCR tests are conducted every day on the 32 lakh population of Bijnor. Honorable High Court said that 4-5 thousand RTPCR tests should be done daily in a district like Bijnor or else we are inviting the third wave,” she tweeted in Hindi.

Priyanka Gandhi warned, “Is the UP government preparing to make way for the third wave and then fight it?”

On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday accused the opposition of mischievously trying to create an atmosphere of fear since the onset of the current second wave of COVID-19.

While examining the Covid situation in Muzaffarnagar district and inspecting an Integrated Covid Control Room there, Adityanath made the accusation.

Without naming any political party, Adityanath said, “When the need was to increase the confidence of the people and health workers, some people intentionally and mischievously tried to lower their morale and create an atmosphere of fear.”

According to him, this created a panic situation, and as a result, “everyone scrambled for Oxygen and Remdesivir.”

The UP government maintains that there is a continuous decline in active COVID-19 cases in the State.

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