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Arista Vault’s Shuddhi Basket Helps You Be Safe And Enjoy Festivities

Shuddhi Basket is developed by Arista Vault after their Shuddhi Box was highly appreciated.

Amidst the global pandemic, one needs to keep everything sanitised and it’s quite a task to be safe. Washing hands, sanitising objects and maintaining social distance are some important measures. However, in some cases of the COVID-19, it was found that vegetables, fruits, groceries and their packaging was the carrier of virus traces. Disinfecting eatables without compromising on the nutrition is a daily hassle now. Keeping eatables in water-based disinfectant, rinsing and drying them takes a long time and is not even a fool proof method.

Today there are almost 35,00,000 cases in India and around 27,00,000 have been recovered. But there have been instances of spread of COVID-19 due to purchasing and shopping outside. Even in office premises, contact can’t be really avoided. There are items like laptops and electronics which can’t be completely sanitised.  

Arista Vault which is supported by Govt. of India had launched Shuddhi Box earlier. It is a contactless charging box that also kills the viruses and microbes over mobile phones. It is certified by NABL as well. Shuddhi Box is a patented product and Arista Vault sold over 1000 boxes in domestic as well as international market, including the Middle East and Egypt. It was also honoured by the Government Of India in the Safe India Hackathon recently.

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Shuddhi Basket is yet another innovation by Arista Vault. It is made of Future fibre Jute, that is an insulating fibre used to make cloth covers in electricals also. The slow passage of temperature in this fibre. Shuddhi Basket is a Desifoldable solution to disinfect office files, fruits, vegetables, laptops and anything placed inside. It is built with UV calibrated lamps and all the mechanism inside makes it similar to the Clean Room Technology for disinfection of any object. Clean Room Technology has been used in hospitals to disinfect surgical equipment for decades. And now with the help of experts, scientists and technologists, Arista Vault has built the same environment inside this jute chamber.

Among other features, being light-weight, easy-to-carry body and cost-effective biodegradable, Shuddhi Basket is the right answer to all the sanitisation woes in the pandemic. It is known to clean all objects including groceries, files, laptops completely.

Shuddhi Basket was created keeping in mind, the upcoming festive season. It will minimise the fear of the spread of the virus and allow people to enjoy their moments freely. The Shuddhi Basket will disinfect all items that you bring in so that you have happiness and not the virus at home”, says Purvi Roy, CEO And Founder, Arista Vault.

Directions For Use:

  1. Unfold the Basket
  2. Plug it to the switch very low power is required (can use mobile charger adapter, can take power from laptop or car)
  3. Place the objects Files, Laptops or Fruits and vegetables inside.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes and it will automatically stop after the object is disinfected.


Shuddhi Basket Office starting at 3999 disinfects Files, laptops, office equipment, mobile phone, cash and bags. Also, Shuddhi Basket starting at 3999, disinfects vegetables, groceries, fruits and anything that you bring home from outside.

To buy these products, visit, Amazon, GEM and Dubai).

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