Lotta Spjut, Global Entrepreneur has inspired several lives

Lotta Spjut celebrates the launch of Women Leaders To Look Up To in 2021 with Passion Vista

CEO, entrepreneur, global speaker, and trainer, professional networker, nutrition and fitness expert, coach, wife, mother – Lotta Spjut dons many hats. And after years of leading assignments across the global stage, she’s brought all her expertise under one banner – LS Mind Your Buziness. Founded by Lotta, ‘LS Mind Your Buziness’ provides various services for an individual to realise his/her true potential.

Unified Brainz will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of its international magazine – Passion Vista with most eminent personalities from the globe in its exclusive edition “The Women Leader to Look Up To in 2021” which will be launched on 24th April 2021. This mighty event will be witnessed by not only powerful personalities but also celebrities and leading visionaries from different walks of life.

Something, Lotta says, she has only learned along the way. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Lotta was adopted and grew up in a small village in Sweden. Already as young, Lotta wanted to be independent and she started working at age 13 on holidays and weekends while she was still a student.

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Lotta Spjut, Global Entrepreneur

Forever diligent, she went on to become a Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working with leadership. Not one to content easily, she also gained a degree in personal training and nutrition, a Master’s in Didactic, and a Bachelor of Education which saw her become a board member and chairman for one of the Swedish Teacher Organisations. She is also an ICF Pro Executive Coach and has coached CEOs and leaders in different businesses.

Impeccable as she might be, as a wife and mother of two girls aged 23 and nine, the journey hasn’t always been easy. “People told me I was making crazy choices because they could not see themselves doing it because of fear, and so I promised myself fear will never stop me. For years, I was chasing the balance people speak about. But now I have accepted that there is no 100% balance between home and work. If I am happy to work and develop my career, my family will also understand and support me because they are the reason for my goals,” she reveals.

She feels that the problem is even more pronounced in the case of women entrepreneurs: “I’ve often heard women say that they cannot be a leader and I completely disagree. Many times, it is because they lack faith to see their own worth and strengths. Which is why I believe in ‘act like a lady and think like a boss’. Women are natural leaders with skills like emotional intelligence and building relationships.”

Lotta offers various training and services that can benefit men and women equally. In her global online network business, she works mostly with helping people setting and achieving their goals when working and earning from home, career coaching, among others. Passion Vista recognized all her achievements and noteworthy contribution in the industry and hence, titled her with “The Women Leader to Look Up To in 2021”. To know more about the international brand checkout www.passionvista.com or to nominate for upcoming projects email at [email protected]

One of her programs includes how to motivate oneself and keep up the motivation to achieve one’s goals. So how does Lotta keep herself motivated? “My ‘me-time is one hour of working out followed by 10-15 minutes of listening to different inspirational speakers. My strength is believing in myself and daring to do things I haven’t tried before. I have conducted hundreds of lectures as well as public and private training built on my experience and knowledge.

Lotta has incomparable achievements to her credit, but she brushes them off to say that no university or school can give her the achievement of knowledge and experience that she got from her 15 years in network marketing like finding your why, goal setting and personal development. She shares that she’s enjoying this stage in her life and the freedom it brings: “In the last 15 years, my business has allowed me to travel a lot and I have spent many days working abroad and exploring new countries and continents. This has given me inspiration to continue my work, share my knowledge and passion for personal growth, and help people make life-altering changes.” Little wonder then why Lotta is a much sought after TEDx women speaker who continues to inspire many.

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