Premier B School Of India SIBM Pune Is Now A Startup Hub

Start-up from SIBM Pune

January 20, 2020, Pune, India–

Startup hubs are places that provide ideal conditions for entrepreneurs to flourish and accelerate the growth of their businesses. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune with its MBA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) programme is now a start-up hub!

Ability to innovate remains a key aspect to survive and grow in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. SIBM Pune, through its MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme, is providing a platform to those with a drive to innovate and create their own enterprise. The B School has now become a burgeoning hub of innovation with the students materializing their ideas into start-ups. ‘While SIBM Pune is known as the best place to recruit students who are crème -de-la-crème in the country, we are now also known as the best B School which nurtures startups’ says Dr Ramakrishnan Raman Director SIBM Pune & Dean Faculty of Management Symbiosis International (Deemed University).   

Here are some examples of student start-ups from SIBM Pune who are chasing their entrepreneurial dream:

Premier B School Of India SIBM Pune Is Now A Startup Hub
Start-up from SIBM Pune
  1. Sunraj Infotech Solutions found by Magesh Thokal is an emerging Internet of Things (IoT) startup which aims at delivering best-of-class solutions to its clients. His start-up has partnered with leading innovators like Microsoft Azure, PTC ThingWorx, AWS IoT, MongoDB, WindRiver, and Intel and provides IoT solutions to solve business processes.
  2. Parna Technologies founded by Narendra Rahul Amolouju provides an IoT based plantation system that monitors different parameters like humidity, temperature, pH content of plants and keeps the owners informed about the health status of their plants through an app. The start-up not only designs horizontal planting systems but also vertical and mobile systems that can be installed anywhere. 
  3. PawshBox found by Vartika Tripathi is one of the best dog & cat supplies online and in-store in India. One can buy food, treats, toys, accessories, grooming products & much more for their pets at Pawshbox. They have also set up a pet studio in Baner, Pune for offline buying. 
  4. House91, found by Ishita Agarwal, Rigzin Deldan and Sreshtha Agarwal, provides tailor-made solutions to families that relocate within the country due to professional or personal reasons. Their services not only include shipment but also go beyond by assistance in finding the best schools for children and registering with relevant authorities, thereby making a relocation to a new place, a hassle-free experience. 
  5. Two Hazy Circles, co-founded by Shaurya Munjal, aims at helping people to communicate freely and share their stories. The startup offers customized workshops for B2C and B2B customers, to help them experience the feeling of community and the power of expression in business.
  6. Flâneur, co-founded by Harsha Hemnani aims to use technology and curate an exclusive clothing line for women. 
  7. Kalakari, found by Rashi Thakkar, is a startup in artificial and imitation junk jewellery which is currently garnering a huge presence in social media and has an impressive clientele in both B2B and B2C. 
  8. AR Exports LLP, co-found by Akash Negandhi, is a manufacturer and exporter of fashion jewels made of brass and copper. His B2B start-up has already started exports to the Middle East and also to a few countries in Europe. 
  9. SCH Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Founded by Lakshmi Sai Chandra, is a wholesale handlooms firm dealing in men’s garments and is launching its own unique brand with unique style and design. Her start-up has developed a denim jean which is softer and richer in texture. 
  10. Voulez Vous (pronounced “Voolay Voo”), is a unique venture started by Sharika Sanjay, who aims to change the perspective of desserts in the minds of people. Presently, she is finalizing the product assortment through responses received on the Voulez Vous’ website and social media.
  11. Toy Meals, found by Jevil Modi, targets parents of young children aged 5-14 years by offering them with doorstep delivery of Indian cuisines for breakfast and lunch prepared in various shapes resembling famous cartoon and sports characters. 
  12. Foodference, an innovative offering, co-founded by Aparna and Akanksha Singh, is an emerging online platform that aims at providing a unique dining experience for the customers by customizing their menu and help restaurateurs understand their guests better.  
  13. Karthik Tayal with his startup Satyara & Co is focusing on export of large volumes of dry fruits, and Indian spices which are of high-quality and also are affordable.
  14. Career Incubator, an Edutech by Yash Sanghvi leverages AI and Vedic sciences and offers career counselling, internships, to the students. The application is currently in its beta testing phase and will be up and running by February 2020. 
  15. Interperso, co-founded by Rahul Rathod and Paulochen Joseph Akkara, is an innovative virtual practising assistant for presentations, interviews and informal conversations. This e-learning platform backed by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning aims at solving the problems faced by numerous professionals in the country who have trouble conversing in English. 
  16., an E-commerce platform found Aditya Abrol is a unique startup that offers handicraft goods and souvenirs online which are made of seashells procured from Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

“There are more ideas that are busy at the bellows on their course to develop into sustainable startups and SIBM Pune’s MBA (I&E) Programme, is right at the helm,” says Professor Yogesh Brahmankar who is the MBA (I&E) Programme Evangelist.

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