Instagram introduces new features aimed at protecting users from online abuse

Instagram’s Head of Product, Adam Mosseri, stated in a blog post that the site does not allow hate speech or bullying and will remove it as soon as it is noticed.

NEW DELHIInstagram, the popular photo and video sharing network, has unveiled a new set of features to protect users against abuse on the platform, particularly celebrities and high-profile creators.

These improvements include the option to limit comments and DM (direct message) requests during periods of high attention, as well as tougher cautions when submitting potentially inappropriate remarks, according to Mashable.

Hate speech, bullying not tolerated on Instagram

In a blog post, Instagram’s Head of Product, Adam Mosseri, wrote the platform doesn’t tolerate hate speech or bullying and delete it as soon as being noticed.

He said Instagram also wants to shield people from having to deal with abuse in the first place, which is why they are continuously listening to feedback from experts and its community.

Adding that new features were being created to offer people more control over their Instagram experience, he stated that it was a step to help them avoid being abused in the first place.

What’s on offer among new features

When the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform’s new Limits feature is enabled, it will automatically conceal comments and DM requests from individuals who don’t follow the user or who have only recently followed them.

When a user tries to submit potentially inappropriate remarks for the first time, Instagram will issue a more severe warning. When someone attempts to publish a potentially harmful comment, the platform already warns them.

As a result, if the platform detects a user repeatedly attempting to submit potentially offensive remarks, it issues an even harsher warning, reminding them of the platform’s Community Guidelines and alerting them that if they continue, their comment may be removed or hidden.

According to Mashable, the site has also announced the global release of its Hidden Words feature, which allows individuals to automatically filter abusive words, phrases, and emojis into a Hidden Folder in order to prevent abuse in DMs and comments.

It also detects spammy or low-quality DM requests.

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