Germany lifts travel ban on travellers from India and 4 other countries

Germany banned entry for travellers from India due to an upsurge in the number of coronavirus cases

Germany is lifting a ban on most travellers from five countries hit by the ‘Delta’ variant of COVID-19, including India and the UK from Wednesday, said German envoy Walter J Lindner.

“From tomorrow, Germany is removing the entry ban and easing travel rules for five countries where Delta variant is widespread, including India,” tweeted German ambassador to India, Walter J Lindner on Tuesday. German public health agency the Robert Koch Institute on Monday said India, Nepal, Russia, Portugal, and the UK, currently listed as so-called virus variant countries, would be reclassified from Wednesday as “high-incidence areas”.

The change will means simpler requirements for people visiting those countries. People who have had either both vaccination doses or who can demonstrate they have recovered from COVID, will not need to isolate on their return or arrival.

India was classified as a virus variant area at the end of April, followed by Nepal and the UK in May. The EU country Portugal, as well as Russia, were added to the list on June 29.

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